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Beijing-Zhangjiajie (CA1359)
Shanghai-Zhangjiajie (MU5371)
Guangzhou-Zhangjiajie (CZ3381)
XiAn-Zhangjiajie (MU2321)


>> Golden whip stream

The Yellow River and the Yangtze River are prominent on a world map, but even on a small-scale map of Zhangjiajie, Golden Whip Stream appea 

>> Zhangjiajie Tourism Resources

1、Zhangjiajie City Information Zhangjiajie, a newly emerging international tourist city which lies on the border of Hunan Province, cover 

>> About Wulingyuan

WULINGYUAN Often called Zhangjiajie, this 243-squaremile(391-sq-km) scenic preserve is a karst landscape of enormous beauty,with rocky pinna 

>> Tianmenshan National Forest Park

Tianmenshan Mountain,a famous mountain first recorded in the history of Zhangjiajie with an elevation of 1518.6 meters. It is 8 kilome 


>> Dragon Boat Festival in Hunan

The Origin of the Duanwu Festival(Dragon Boat Festival) Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional Chinese festival. It has a profound history of m 

>> Tianmen Fox Fairy

Dear friends, have you watched a real-scene musical drama that is created in a grand valley? Do you want to visit it? I believe you will say 

>> Western Charm Grand Theatre

Zhangjiajie Folk Custom-Western charm Grand Theatre, is a long history of theater in the Zhangjiajie Scenic Area.It was founded in March 200 

>> Zhangjiajie High Lantern

High lantern, different from what its name implies, is a kind of dance full of ethnic flavor popular in Yuanguping of Yongding District, Zha 


ZJJ Spring Festival Cuisine-Smoked Pig Head
Smoked Pig Head is Tujia people’s special food which is served as the biggest dish during spring festival. And washing pig head  [More]
ZJJ Tujia Honeydew Braised Pork
Braised pork is a main course for zhangjiajie tujia people to send hospitality, generally only being as the main course for impo  [More]
A Bite of Zhangjiajie—Tujia Fried Bee Pupa
Have you ever seen the propaganda film—A Bite of China? Then, are you interested in these appetizing foods? If you want to have  [More]