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Changsha to Exhibit British Fine Art from August to October

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2013-7-26- 13:51
Zhangjiajie Tourism Network Government Official Website~bDh5F

An exhibition themed "Towards Modernity- 300 Years of British Art" is scheduled to open to the public for free at the Changsha Municipal Museum from August 20 to October 7.Zhangjiajie Tourism Network Government Official Website@;xc t4Z*e`q

ZHzZr _s0Eighty pieces of art treasure for the exhibition are selected from the museums and galleries in Manchester and its nearby cities, including oil painting, wood block, watercolor, sketch and sculpture.. Masterpieces of famous artists in British history like William Hogarth, John Constable, William Turner and Henry Moore will be exhibited.Zhangjiajie Tourism Network Government Official Website8W"A!~8x`-{6?5IP

Qmo"T/xLo:r0Jointly sponsored by the Hunan Provincial Museum, Changsha Municipal Museum, Beijing World Art Museum, the Manchester Museum, the Greater Manchester Museum Group, National Tour Exhibition Alliance of British and Bury Metropolitan Borough Council, the exhibition will fully demonstrate the development of British art over the past 300 years.Zhangjiajie Tourism Network Government Official Website$A%LY+a/Q4DPOL

Zhangjiajie Tourism Network Government Official Website}&T$q/z3V

Translator: Wang Bilian

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3W&Tt)za)Vfi'G0Source: Hunan Official Web Portal

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