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10 Most beatuiful tree tunnels in the world

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2013-3-02- 22:17


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8c&Z@2w,OrYc]0Number nine goes to Brazil’s green tunnel from Porto Alegre,Rua Gonçalo de Carvalho.A ccording to a decree signed in 2006 by former mayor Joseph Fogaça, this beautiful street is part of the country’s historical,cultural,ecological and environmental heritage.

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There are more than one hundred towering Tipuana (Rosewood) trees along Rua Gonçalo de Carvalho.The great shade trees stretch over three city blocks, which is a good thing for the city’s overall health. Did you know that trees, properly planted around buildings, can reduce air conditioning demands by up to 30%?Zhangjiajie Tourism Network Government Official Website_;\S0VN!aE

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?s2_|c C,C?0Each spring,a peaceful street,located in the German city of Bonn,transforms into an enchanting cherry blossom tunnel.Photographer Marcel Bednarz captured this stunning sight of cherry blossoms in full bloom. He explained to me that there are actually two streets in Bonn where cherry trees are planted,but the one you see in the above picture is called Heerstraße.A s you may know, the average cherry blossom lasts only between 7 and 10 days, depending on weather conditions. 09 more after the break…Zhangjiajie Tourism Network Government Official Website~4Og-u1a%gp

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